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Posted on: August 4, 2008 9:58 pm

Roger Goodell

Say what you want about Roger Goodell, but I'm impressed after 2 years.

Commish Goodell has dealt with a lot, maybe more than any other commish in their first 2 years. From Mike Vick, to Spygate, to Brett Favre, to Adam "Don't Call Me Pacman" Jones, Goodell has silenced critics with a strict, consistent form of discipline and action.

Now, Mr. Goodell, there is just one more thing I ask: put a cap on rookie salaries.

Roger Goodell could become one of the best commissioners in major sports leagues history. Thank you, Roger Goodell.

Posted on: July 23, 2008 7:45 pm

My Thoughts on Favre

Brett Favre. The topic of discussion moving from keyboard to keyboard on Sportsline. Will the saga ever end?

I'm praying that it does, and soon. Every time I hit the power button on my remote, guess who is being talked about? He's the lead story of nearly all these sporting websites. Not the anticipation involved in the start of training camp. Not the outrageous contracts being given to rookies in the NFL. Not even the Tampa Bay Rays' miracle of a story that is taking baseball nation by storm. No. It's Favre.

Favre, Favre, Favre. I admit that it is an intresting story. Questions are plenty in the predicament. How exactly is head coach Mike McCarthy involved? What do Favre's former teammates want? Is there a hidden motivation for Ted Thompson to start Aaron Rodgers? I enjoy hearing the many views that are held by fans. But is anyone really 'winning' this argument? Fans, players, coaches, and journalists are split into two groups: those who want the Hall of Famer, or those who want the unproven Heir to the Hall of Famer.

But the final result will be, in my opinion, disapointing. Favre will: A. stay a Packer and nothing's changed. B. be brought into another team and #4 will no longer be in a Packer's uniform. Or C. stay retired and #4 will no longer be a part of the NFL, except for in the memories of those who enjoyed watching him for so many years.

I would rather Brett had just stayed retired. But, if he goes to a team like the Ravens or the Vikings, it could make for an intresting year in Green Bay, and in the NFL for that matter.

The saga will end. But will anyone win?

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