Posted on: September 16, 2008 11:00 pm

Worst Year???

Not to complain, but I am the saddest blogger on this site.

I am a fan from the Pacific NW. Therefore, I am a fan of possibly the worst state of affairs for any region, ever.

  • We have lost our Sonics. Ah, our beloved SuperSonics. Not only did we lose our Sonics, but we lost them to a pathetic, greedy man who is all about money. We got screwed by the NBA and David Stern. Point #1.
  • The Mariners, who have graced us with so many memories, have taken away any hope of a World Series title, any time soon. Now, instead of Junior, Edgar, and Sweet Lou, we have McLaren, Bedard, and Sexson. Point #2.
  • Our college footballs teams are possibly the worst of the bunch. The Cougars won't be good for quite a while. The Huskies have seemed to lost their momentum from the BYU game (yes, I blame the refs). Point #3.
  • The Seahawks are now 0-2. We are plagued with injuries, to the point of pulling wide receivers off the street. Hopefully we can turn it around, but if we don't, this is point #4.

Now, for our bright spots.

  • The Central Washington Wildcats. Division 2 football. Actually, this could be listed as a downside if this is our only upside.
  • We received a new MLS team: the Sounders.
  • The Seattle Storm. *Phew*! I'm glad we saved 'em! They are in the playoffs, and they have Lauren Jackson and Sue Bird. Upside.
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