Posted on: November 27, 2008 9:15 pm

The Walrus

Mike Holmgren.

The name provokes emotion, pride, and honor. He is a leader among men, an all-time great. A Hall-of-Famer.

But, his Seahawks are currently 2-10. He is in his last season, and he is obviously far removed from the glory days of Lambeau Field, or even Superbowl XL in 2005.

I was just fine with the questionable and predictable play calling, the unemotional apathy displayed on the sidelines. Just fine. But, when I heard today from Fox Sports that the day before a Thanksgiving Day game against the Cowboys that Holmgren got 'choked up' during a team meeting in which he expressed his pride in the team and his thankfulness that they don't quit, I freaked.

"THEY ARE 2 AND FREAKIN' NINE!" I screamed at my television. Pathetic. How are you, Mike Holmgren, proud of the worst team you have ever put on an NFL field? How are you grateful that they don't quit? They do quit. Every game, you see guys give up on plays and "hope" that someone else will make the tackle or catch the ball. They "hope" that someone will make the play. But, in a player's career, there comes a point that they need to create an atomsphere for their team, one that screams, "Let's just play like we are capable of playing!" But, there is no one in the huddle that wants to step up, or even a player on the sideline. So, who does it come down to?

Head coach Mike Holmgren. But, when he says he is 'proud' of the way his two-and-ten team has played, I have a problem. He needs to tell his players they aren't playing well. If it isn't obvious already, that's were the head coach steps up. Thats were he needs to show toughness, not tears. Smack-someone-in-the-mouth emotion, not let's-share-our-feelings emotion.

Jim Mora Jr. will be a breath of relief on the sidelines for me. I am disappointed to say the least.

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